Help us meet our Church renovation goal!

The beginning of construction of our long-anticipated Renovation Project represents a true milestone in the history of our Church community. In order that we complete all important elements of this project, we are extending our fundraising efforts so that we reach the $6 million plateau. In this phase, to close the $6 million gap, our endeavor is to raise $450 thousand which would be matched by $550 thousand by generous benefactors within our community. We hope that you bless this project by participating in this new fundraising campaign.


The funding level to date supports the updating and reconfiguring of the existing space in our kitchen, downstairs classrooms, mansion, and Marros Hall. In this phase, the additional $1 million raised would allow for the inclusion of waterproofing around our courtyard, window abatement, and refurbishment of the Carriage House. Advancing these elements will help nourish our ministries and, in turn, bring us closer to our Lord and Savior.


We humbly ask that you help us reach out collective goal by participating. Beyond the credit card option offered in the link above, alternatively, you can call the church office at 914-967-2838 to pay with check or set up a periodic payment.

Your support will add to the 100% community participation that we seek as a collective Church community to bless the refurbishment of our tired infrastructure and match the vision of the founding families that built this holy temple. We pray for your support and look forward to an exciting year ahead!

For more info, please email us at

more info, please email us at