A Message to our Community from His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros

My dear Father Elias,

I greet you warmly in the grace and peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is with sentiments of paternal joy and delight that I rejoice in addressing this letter of heartfelt gratitude to you and all the members of the Parish Council and Philoptochos, thanking you for your kind welcome,

warm fellowship and gracious hospitality during my visit to Rye on the eve of your patronal feast.

While this occasion was not marked by the usual festive character that you have come to know in previous years, it nevertheless was an opportunity to still gather together in spirit and prayer in order to celebrate the Ascension of our Lord as one body united in Christ.

I am most appreciative as well for your generous contribution of $16,150.00 to the Archdiocese’s recently established COVID-19 Relief Fund, which seeks to provide much­ needed assistance to those fellow brothers and sisters of ours who have been adversely affected by the coronavirus and – when confronted with the challenges of these trying times- desperately yearn for an uplifting act of comfort and solace, support and understanding, solidarity and togetherness, unity and amity. Thus, it is my fervent prayer that your offering of love might serve as an outpouring of hope and a healing balm by which their wounds will be soothed, their pains will be remedied, their burdens will be alleviated and their sufferings will be quelled. May you enjoy tin heavenly gifts of the Almighty in abundance all the days of your life, and may He reciprocate unto you always His rich grace and bountiful mercy in equal measure to the good works and God-pleasing ways of your benevolent hands.

In conveying to you and the entire community my archpastoral blessings and
wholehearted prayers, I remain

Archbishop of America