Pastoral Assistant –  Mr. George Hazlaris

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Live Your Orthodox Faith

GOYA motto

The Greek Orthodox Youth of America or GOYA is a youth fellowship group that is open to ages, 13 to 19. It is founded on four spiritual principles: worship, fellowship, service and witness. Members regularly attend church, host and attend retreats, and participate in an annual Religious Lock-in. Meetings are held monthly to organize events, socialize and discuss worldly and community affairs. GOYA is involved in a variety of charitable and service activities, such as, Midnight Run, visits to various Children’s Hospital, caroling at St. Michael’s Home for the Aged and donating funds to charities.

At our Orthodox Life sessions Goyans give witness to our faith. In addition, the social activities of GOYA include skiing in Vermont, apple picking, and participating in the Diocesan Olympics and hosting an annual dance. In this way, GOYA provides an excellent opportunity for our young people to participate in fellowship with other Orthodox Christians.

Youth Ministry 2020/2021 Registration

GOYA 13 yrs. – 18 yrs.

We pray you are all well and keeping safe with the ongoing state of the Corona virus still in our midst. With all the difficulties we are facing, we can only hope and pray that we will be returning to some form normalcy in the not so distant future. With that said, our Youth Ministry team has been working hard to prepare a schedule that meets the needs of our young people, while keeping with the safety requirements mandated by our local government. Coming together as a Christian family for fellowship and growth in faith is a core precept of our Orthodox Church. In these trying times, we are all facing new challenges and difficulties that none of us could have prepared for. For most of us, if not all of us, we need the grace of God in our lives even more now than ever before. As Christians, it is paramount that we go through it all together as a family, trusting in His grace to lead us by wisdom and love. Many of us have so many unanswered questions about all that is going on in the world and in our lives. With all the confusion and uncertainty of what lies ahead we could all use some more guidance and direction.

We kindly invite and ask you all to please register your child/children for one of our many programs that are geared toward the young people of our church. We have several groups that range from 5 years old to young adulthood, so please register for the group that best fits your children.

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