Pastoral Assistant –  Mr. George Hazlaris

Email – youthministry@gocoos.org

Live Your Orthodox Faith

GOYA motto

The Greek Orthodox Youth of America or GOYA is a youth fellowship group that is open to ages, 13 to 19. It is founded on four spiritual principles: worship, fellowship, service and witness. Members regularly attend church, host and attend retreats, and participate in an annual Religious Lock-in. Meetings are held monthly to organize events, socialize and discuss worldly and community affairs. GOYA is involved in a variety of charitable and service activities, such as, Midnight Run, visits to various Childrens Hospital, caroling at St. Michael’s Home for the Aged and donating funds to charities.


At our Orthodox Life sessions Goyans give witness to our faith. In addition, the social activities of GOYA include skiing in Vermont, apple picking, and participating in the Diocesan Olympics and hosting an annual dance. In this way, GOYA provides an excellent opportunity for our young people to participate in fellowship with other Orthodox Christians.