Mission Statement

The Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour Preschool is dedicated to providing a sound academic education in a stimulating and secure Orthodox Christian environment. Each child is guided to develop spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically in order to realize his or her potential.

Experienced and Caring Teachers


Mrs. Stacey Kringas is the Head Teacher for the Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour. She completed her undergraduate studies from Syracuse University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies. Stacey always knew that she wanted to work with children so she decided to expand her education at Long Island University where she received a Master’s degree in Childhood Education. After several internships and student teaching placements, Stacey felt it was a natural fit to work with younger-aged students and proceeded to work as a Kindergarten leave replacement teacher in Westchester County. After hearing about the Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour Preschool, Stacey was thrilled to be hired as Head Teacher and continued to run the school for about six years. She later took a few years off to raise her own family. Now, Stacey is back working with the Church of Our Saviour Preschoolers and couldn’t be happier or feel more at home!


 Mrs. Sandra Canaras is the Assistant Teacher for the Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour Preschool and teaches the Greek language segment of the class. She graduated from Saint Basil’s Teachers Academy in 1972. She was a substitute teacher at the Greek American Institute in the Bronx for several years before beginning a preschool Greek language class at the Church of Our Saviour. Kiria Stratigoula, as she is known to her students, continues to teach this Pre-K class today, along with teaching Kindergarten for the Hellenic School. She lives in Hawthorne, NY with her husband and enjoys spending time with her children and granddaughter.

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Preschool Registration

Registration for the Preschool is ongoing. Please contact the Preschool at (914) 967-1675 or by email at for information, registration materials or for a tour of the Preschool.

GOOCOS Preschool Program

Our Christ-centered, child-centered Preschool, located in the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour, has proudly served children ages 3 and 4 for over 10 years. We offer a 3-day or 5-day program from 9:00-12:00. An optional Extended Day Program is offered from 12:00-1:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Our program integrates hands-on learning activities, free play time for building social skills and lessons that introduce the Greek language, culture and Orthodox Christian religion and values.


Engaging and Fun Curriculum

Orthodox Christian Religion: Students learn the building blocks of the Orthodox Christian faith by reading Bible stories and completing arts and crafts, celebrating major feast days, and attending Chapel weekly with Father Elias.

Reading Readiness: Students are exposed to a variety of quality children’s literature. Listening, sequencing and critical thinking skills are all being developed as children enjoy a story. Students will also be taught isolated skills, such as letter formation, recognition and sounds.

Math and Science Concepts: Children engage in hands-on exploration of fundamental math concepts through counting, making patterns, graphing, and comparing. Students study their natural environment, animals and the seasons.

Greek Language: During weekly formal Greek language lessons, students learn basic skills such as counting, colors and phrases. Songs and arts and crafts in Greek enhance the learning.

Music and Movement: Our music teacher provides movement and music opportunities, which offer developmental benefits by reinforcing academic concepts and fostering logical thinking. Also, students have fun running, jumping and climbing on our playground.


Visit Our Preschool

Find out how the Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour Preschool can provide your child with a strong academic foundation in a nurturing and spiritual environment. Get to know us by taking a tour, asking questions and getting to know our teachers. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you and your child. Please call (914) 967-1675 or email our Head Teacher, Mrs. Kringas at