Church of our Saviour Midnight Run – February 20, 2015

Mark your calendar- Join us for the Church of our Saviour’s monthly Midnight Run, Friday, February 20, 2015  as we prep meals and clothing and travel to Manhattan to minister to the homeless.
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Time to bless our homes from the waters of Holy Epiphany

It is that time of year again….


Why we bless our homes during the Epiphany season. We, as Orthodox Christians, are engaged in a struggle to overcome our fallen nature to the Glory of God. We often talk about this in terms of our own salvation, but the Church, addressing all of creation in a wholistic manner, also reaches out and reclaim all of creation in general. We do this in order that we might restore the usefulness of creation in working out our own salvation. Hence, we bless anything that might help us in our salvation – and by blessing it, we reclaim it for the Kingdom of God. There are not many things that are more vital to us than our homes. In our homes we pray, we work, we talk to and visit with others, we work out our family and marital issues, etc. What more important place is there to reclaim for the Kingdom of God than our homes? It is vital to bless our homes against all evil. We must drive the evil one out of our homes, and keep him at bay by our prayers, our righteous life, and the annual sprinkling by Holy Water from the Epiphany service. [Continue reading]

Basile the Comedian will join us for our Annual Apokreatiko Glendi – February 7, 2015.


Guess who is coming to Rye, New York!?!?  Basile TheComedian will join on February 7th us as we celebrate our annual Apokreatiko Glendi.  Save the date!!!! … [Continue reading]


Midnight Run Organization Photo888web

CHRISTMAS DAY MIDNIGHT RUN - The Greek Orthodox Church of our Saviour “Christ is Born…Glorify Him” ! So how do or can we glorify Christ ? By serving others and witnessing Him to the world !!! Once again, this year we will be holding our “Church … [Continue reading]

The Church of Our Saviour Christmas Pagaent


The Greek Orthodox Church of our Saviour will hold our annual Christmas Pageant on Sunday, December 14, 2014 immediately following Divine Liturgy.  Please join us! … [Continue reading]

The Greek Orthodox Church of our Saviour Photo Gallery

The Holy Mysteries

By the grace of God and the hard work of so many stewards, we are able to share with everyone the beautiful images of our church through this photo gallery.  Please click here and enjoy! … [Continue reading]

Direct Archdiocesan District Clergy Meeting and Luncheon in Rye, NY


The Church of our Saviour hosted the Direct Archdiocesan District Clergy meeting and luncheon on Thursday, November 6 with over 60 clergy in attendance.  … [Continue reading]

Midnight Run – December 7th!

Midnight Run Organization Photo888web

Church of our Saviour next Midnight Run will be Sunday evening December 7. We will be on a little different schedule as Sunday Runs begin earlier. We will meet at Church around 5:00pm to begin prep work and be on the road by around 7:30 … [Continue reading]

The Archdiocesan Byzantine Choir performed a remarkable Concert November 2, 2014


The Archdiocese Byzantine Choir performed an incredible concert at the Church of Our Saviour to honor the historic visit of Pope Francis to Constantintinople and our Ecumenical Patriarch the end of November.  … [Continue reading]

Archdiocese Byzantine Choir will perform at the Church of our Saviour – November 2, 2014 6pm


Sunday, November 2 - The Archdiocesan Byzantine Choir of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America will offer concert at the Church of our Saviour, Rye, NY on Sunday, November 2, 2014 beginning at 6pm with a reception to follow in Marros Hall.  … [Continue reading]