Parish Council

Parish Council


“The aims of the parish are to keep, practice, and proclaim the Orthodox Christian Faith, pure and undefiled.”


Protopresbyter Elias G. Villis

Protopresbyter of the Ecumenical Patriarchate


Executive Committee

President -Greg Alexopoulos

Vice President -George Soterakis

Treasurer – Nicholas Stolatis

Asst. Treasurer – Maria Pappas

Secretary -Laurence Maalouf


All Parish Council Members:
Greg Alexopoulos Mary Libutti
Nick Balidis Nick Livanos
Denis Bouboulis Laurence Maalouf
Perry Canaras Maria Pappas
Demetrios Dounis Brian Rieke
Ted Francis Alex Scoufaras
William Karasis George Soterakis
Linda Kordes Nick Stolatis
Greg Kreder George Zimmar
Yianni Lambros  


Under the spiritual leadership and guidance of Father Elias, the Parish Council implements and administers the programs, policies and affairs of the parish. The Council consists of Father Elias, as spiritual leader and twenty-one members, in good standing, elected to three year terms by the parish stewards. Every year one third of the council is elected. The officers of the Parish Council are selected in early January of each year and consist of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. There also exists an Executive Committee of the Parish Council consisting of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary. Parish Council members along with Father Elias are engaged in the day to day functioning of the parish. Among their duties Father Elias and the Parish Council oversee: property maintenance, financial management, long range planning as well as educational programs and fellowship activities of the parish. Most of this work is done at the committee level: Stewardship, Education, Missions, Long Range Planning, Iconography, Investment, Finance, House & Grounds, Personnel, Social, Church Rentals. Participation as a committee member is open to interested stewards by appointment to the relevant committee by Father Elias and the Parish Council.   The Parish Council convenes meetings of the Parish Assembly to which all stewards are called to attend.

Uniform Parish Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

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